Quality Policy

It is without doubt the quality of services provided by VESA that has enhanced the Organisations credibility and reputation in the market place.

Continuously protects the interests of insurers and the general public from being misled by unscrupulous businesses offering inferior services and products for vehicle security.

We strive to achieve this by:

  • Supply members, consumers and the Insurance Industry with high quality products, advice and services.

  • Listening to consumers, members and Insurers needs, translating those needs into continuously improved specifications, products, services and processes and providing measurable standards to measure against.


 Quality Objectives

    a)    Review and monitoring of measurable quality objectives.

    b)    Identifying and addressing risks and opportunities within our Quality Management System and Quality Objectives.

    c)    Actively encouraging participation at all levels.

    d)    Providing the training required both internally and externally by means of;

o     Member training

o     in-house staff training

o     encouraging and assisting staff to obtain outside training where necessary

e)    Building an organisation whose culture is one of quality and continuous improvement.

f)     Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with external providers.

g)    Growing through profitability.

h)    Achieving and maintaining an ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.

I)  We as VESA include our commitment to comply and to strive to comply with all legal, regulatory and contractual requirements to which VESA subscribed to and other.