VESA Members find benefit in the Association due to the brand value it provides.  VESA has gained its success due to providing independent evaluations and audits, which ensures consistency in quality of products and services.

This gives VESA Members the assurance that the products and services they recommend and make use of are quality and that it meets the consistency in accordance to the minimum standards set by VESA.

When Insurers and public approach VESA Members for the rendering of products and services, they can be assured that quality workmanship and integrity in conduct is measured by VESA on a regular basis and that all members comply with the standards as set by the industry.

Benefits Includes:

  • Ensuring that you obtain quality vehicle security benefiting you & your customer
  • Direct Marketing to insurance underwriters and brokers
  • MobilityClub Membership
  • Referrals to you through the VESA® website and VESA® Offices
  • Security & Safety Awareness Campaigns to boost awareness of VESA® and its members
  • Free Technical advice and assistance from VESA® Technical Inspectors
  • Free access to VESA® Specifications
  • Regular Member Newsletters which include installation and marketing tips
  • VESA® lobbies on behalf of its members at government forums
  • Attendance of road shows and Insurance Forums to create awareness of VESA® Members
  • Discounted ID Cards for fitters and staff members
  • Discounted marketing material