Should any Member require any further detailed step as to these procedures listed below, please forward your requests to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Change in Company (All members)
  • Existing Member – New Owners: Change of Company / Trading Name / CC Registration / VAT Number.
  • Existing Member changing Trading Name / CC Registration / VAT Number.
  • Change of Tel / Fax / E-Mail Address / Contact Person / Postal Address / Accounts Contact person Etc.
  • Change of Responsible Person Details
  • Existing Member - New Premises / Same Owner.
  • Existing Member - Same Owner / New Installations Categories (Alarm/Immobilisers, Gearlocks, Vehicle Identification etc)
  • Additional Approval Categories – Mobile Units.

Change in Products (product suppliers)

  • Existing Product Suppliers – Additional Approval Categories.
  • Existing Product Suppliers - Listing of New product in same category
  • Discontinuation of product – notification by manufacturer
  • Product Evaluations (Product Suppliers)
  • Annual Product Re-Testing (ABS Test House)

Product & Company Evaluations

  • Company Evaluations
  • Label Audits
  • Recovery Rates

Membership Annual Renewal process

Cancellation of Membership (Installer Members)

Disciplinary Procedures (Members)