VESA / Mobility Club 

VESA has entered into an agreement with Mobility Club in March 2016. We feel this is a positive enhancement and marketing input for all our services. We therefore wish to motivate you to take part in this marketing and support venture.


Mobility Club’s offering can add tremendous value to your exciting product offerings by means of a concise warm call & service facilitation and by adding very worthwhile emergency and related support services.


Mobility Club has identified a niche to assist consumers through a single contact number giving them access to multiple valuable emergency services.


Mobility Club products have been designed to assist in optimising business efficiency by reducing the running costs to businesses and consumers alike. The innovation and product can create a real financial revenue stream by reducing expenses related to services that you supply to consumers and possible adding some additional income.


The product includes:


Roadside assistance of last resort (As per standards terms and conditions).

Mobility Legal (As per standards terms and conditions).

Emergency response facilitation.

Emergency response and transport (As per standards terms and conditions).

Access to emergency medical advice.

Access to Medical practitioner and Facility referral.

Trauma counseling access services (Access only).

Keyfind vehicle key recovery services. (Key identified by unique number)

License Renewal notices.

Route direction services.

Take me home support services.

24/7/365 Day Call Centre access / emergency call centre number.

Website to update member’s details.

Identification Tag white labeled to stakeholder’s specifications within reason.

Identification Tag monitoring by Mobility Club.

Identification Tag availability when stakeholder requires stock.

Training to be provided by “MC” as and when needed by stakeholders.

Access to database of members for marketing purposes by the “VESA” Members.

Database system for ease of member registration


All this for a period of Two years after activation. All accessible from a single call to the number listed on the key tag 


For more information, please contact Mobility Club to assist you with the purchasing of the Key Tags:


Contact Person:  Denize Nelson

Cell No:  082 770 1203

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.